Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where is Story of Princess located?
A: We are in the Los Angeles, California
Q: Does Story of Princess ship overseas?
A: yes, we do ship to overseas, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Asia, and much more. Some taxes and custom fees may apply during shipment, though our price will be much cheaper than your local stores.
Q: Is Your Site Secure?
A: We use the paypal system! Story of Princess uses SSL (secure socket layer) encryption when transmitting certain information, such as financial services information or payment information. The information you provide will be secured in our server.
Q: Where are the Dresses made?
A: Most of our dresses are made here in the Los Angeles, California USA.
Q: Do you only take orders online?
A: Yes, the fastest way for you to make a purchase is through online. Even though you call to make an order, we still need all the information to process.
Q: If ordering more than one dress, do you match the Colors?
A: Yes, we try our best to match the colors when you order two or more dresses from us. We recommend our customers to order two or more dresses at same time or please let us know it’s for the same occasion.
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